The first cryonics storage facility in the southern hemisphere is preparing to open in Australia this year – bringing with it the possibility of a life after death. Worthy featured this news in its very first podcast, Episode #001: The Big Freeze.

Whether you believe in the concept or not, this new not-for-profit organisation is powering ahead with the planning and construction of its facility in New South Wales, while also creating intrigue over what the future may bring, and who could live to see it for themselves.

“Once you've been pronounced legally dead, by a doctor, then the cryonics team will jump into action and start preparing your body to be cooled down to liquid nitrogen temperature,” Matt from Stasis Systems Australia explained.

The cryonic suspension process causes the body to drop down to -196 degrees Celsius, before being sealed in a flask-like container, filled with liquid nitrogen.

“You’ll stay there for as long as it takes for medical science to catch-up and we're able to both heal whatever it was that caused your death in the first place, and undo all of the damage from the freezing process,” he said.

The hope for the future cryonics provides is something close to the Stasis System cause, explained Matt.

“When I was studying engineering and computer science at university I learned that if there is something wrong with a complex system, and you can't fix it, it's because you don't understand the system well enough,” he said.

The organisation believes it is just a matter of time before medical science understands the body enough, to be able to repair any damage it sustains, or disease that threatens it, such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.

“Ultimately, the human body is just a very complex system. So, the things that currently go wrong with it, like disease and the degenerative effects of ageing, are ultimately solvable problems.”

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